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24 Şubat 2024 - 15:31


OTAM: Italian Yacht Mastery

OTAM (Organizzazione Tigullio Assistenza Motoscafi) is a leading Maintenance Site operating in Liguria since 1954. High quality and professionalism have made OTAM the first authorized Riva yacht Service Center in the Mediterranean. With the application of traditional methods and carefully selected materials, they offer exceptional quality workmanship and extraordinary performances.

Innovative Production and Iconic Performances

In the 80’s, OTAM took a significant step and started its own OTAM 45′ and 55′ Production, building approximately 25 yachts for an American builder. Today, OTAM has become the Italian Specialist and has produced approximately 90 Fast and Iconic Performance Yachts. OTAM provides a wide range of services with product series such as Fast&Iconic and Otam Custom Range. There is also the OTAM CUSTOM RANGE series, which produces completely custom aluminum superyachts.

Unique and Customizable

OTAM offers customers the opportunity to not only buy but also have a unique experience. The Custom Series provides unmatched flexibility and the ability to design, develop and build full Custom Projects. Each boat is customized according to the customer’s wishes and expectations, so each boat is different and unique.

Quality That Directs the Future

OTAM always aims to build distinctive and high quality units with superior reliability. The company’s solid financial history and family-owned business make it possible to offer customers a unique experience. OTAM’s expertise in customization allows each customer to turn their dreams into reality. Don’t just buy it, build it, Unique!

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