Jet Car

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23 Temmuz 2023 - 17:35

Jet Car

Jet Car TV: Turkey’s Prestigious Jet Car Manufacturer

It makes Jet Car TV one of the most prestigious jet car outlets in Turkey. We take a leading role in the design of 2-person Jet Vehicles, which have recently become the choice of families and couples. Thanks to our expert design team, we are able to rank first in the industry’s international platforms by prioritizing customer support. Jet-car.TV navigates the world’s waters with a line and makes a name for its owners.

Possibility to Install Your Own Jet Ski Engine

As Jet Car TV, we offer you the opportunity to install your own jet ski engine. Among the zero jet ski engines, you can choose the products of brands such as Sea Doo and Yamaha Motor. For engine power, we recommend the size of models between 90 hp and 300 hp. However, our JetCar.TV vehicle is delivered without an engine, so an engine consumption completely suited to your taste and needs.



What is a Jet Car?

Jet Car is a fiber boat model modeled from luxury vehicles floating on the sea. These specially designed vehicles have the same power as the engines of jet skis and can be subjected to high speeds. Under the leadership of the JET CAR company, the safety levels of Jet Cars are kept at the highest level, so they can have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Why ? has many years of experience in selling specialty marine vehicles that offer privileged experiences for marine enthusiasts. It is a company that has taken a leading role in the sector, made many innovations and made a difference in this field. As, we help JetCar.TV produce vehicles that will last for generations and produce models with different features. We spice up users and their hobbies by presenting colors, properties, and features tied to the specific files you own.

Jet Car Features

The Jet Car is one of the smaller watercraft, and the exterior mirrors those of a high-end sports car. Jet Car has 3 different engine options. Without motor, it weighs 400 kg. It has 2 or 4 passenger transport services and can be used as a crawl space. It draws attention with its full turns, rich maneuvering space and spin features. An aesthetic appearance is presented with details such as rear view mirrors, leather seats and rear spoiler. In addition, it can be obtained in different options according to features such as sports steering wheel, instrument panel and LED headlights. Its dimensions are 4.30 cm long, 130 cm inner width and 1.60 cm outer width.

Jet Car Engine Options

Jet Car TV offers a wide range of options with different engine options. Gasoline-powered 4-stroke engines include 1000 CC (125 HP), 1800 CC (180 HP) and 1600 CC (130 HP), 1600 CC (170 HP), 1600 CC (230 HP) and 1600 CC (300 HP) models of Yamaha and Sea Doo brands.

As a result, as Jet Car TV, we continue to offer an unmatched experience with our Jet Cars, which combine luxury and speed at sea. As, we care about safety and add color to the lives of sea lovers with pioneering designs. We invite you to spend a night on the sea with our Jet Cars, which we can give you with the engine options and features suitable for your wishes.

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