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“Mercedes-Benz Motor Yacht Distributor Begüm Yachting”

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15 Aralık 2023 - 13:20

“Mercedes-Benz Motor Yacht Distributor Begüm Yachting”

An Impressive Year-End Event from Begüm Group of Companies: Mercedes-Benz Motor Yachts Launch and Year-End Ball

Begüm Group of Companies crowned the end of 2023 with an event that left its mark on the maritime world. At the special night held at Esma Sultan Mansion, the launch organized for Mercedes-Benz Motor Yachts, of which it is also the distributor, once again emphasized Turkey’s progress in the maritime sector.

Begüm Doğulu, the founder of Begüm Group of Companies and the pioneer of the maritime industry, who hosted this special night, made a speech at the event. Doğulu said, “Our company, which has grown entirely with Turkish capital, has set sail towards new success stories together with Mercedes-Benz Motor Yachts.” He emphasized the company’s sustainable growth strategy with his statements.

During the continuation of the event, while Enbe Orchestra gave the guests an enjoyable night with its special performance, the guests of Begüm Group of Companies came together and celebrated the year with enthusiasm at this special night where luxury and elegance met.

This magnificent event once again brought Begüm Group of Companies’ progress in the maritime sector, as well as its corporate work and success story, to the top. At the night, an important stage of the institutionalization of the Begüm Group of Companies was completed by providing the opportunity to focus on past successes and achieved goals together with distinguished guests.

In addition, with the announcement regarding the subsidiary of a Chinese cyber security company in Turkey, it was stated that Begüm Group of Companies reinforced its leadership in the field of cyber security in marinas. The company announced that it aims to raise cyber security standards in Turkey’s maritime sector together with its Chinese partner. This new collaboration aims to provide strong protection against cyber threats in Turkish marinas and maritime facilities.

Bringing Mercedes-Benz’s elegant and stylish design approach to the water, the Arrow460 series offers an experience at the peak of maritime by combining technology and luxury. The latest member of this series, Arrow460-Cabrio, stands out as a high-performance motor yacht with a length of 14.17 meters, a maximum capacity of 12 passengers and a speed of up to 42 knots.

Technical details:
The Arrow460 series has expanded with the Convertible model, bringing a new breath to the special Granturismo family. While the strong design of the Silver Arrows Sea Arrow 460 carries the impressive DNA of the automotive world, it attracts attention with its concept car aesthetics and features in the 14-meter motor yacht class.

Arrow460-Cabrio is designed with inspiration from the automotive world. The latest technology and avant-garde materials emphasize the yacht’s elegant appearance and performance. This is not just a motor yacht, but a masterpiece that stands out at sea.

Revolutionary Interior:
The interior of the Arrow460-Cabrio offers an experience beyond that of a motoryacht. The cabin is designed not just for spending the night but also as an elegant dressing room, promising its owners an extraordinary lifestyle experience. Luxurious details and carefully selected materials complete the aesthetics of the interior.

Three Beautiful Lifestyle Options:
Arrow460-Cabrio offers three different lifestyle options to appeal to different tastes. These options, offered in Convertible, Individual, Sport and Edition 1 models, allow users to experience a customized sea adventure.

In conclusion:
Arrow460-Cabrio offers an unforgettable experience to sea enthusiasts with its elegant design unique to the Mercedes-Benz style, technological superiority and high-level luxury. With its high performance and diverse lifestyle options, the Arrow 460-Convertible has the potential to become a milestone in the maritime world.

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